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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2500 Celebration Winners

**There will be no redraws**. Winners will be notified by email and on this blog. You will have 1 week to notify the Vendor that you are the winner.

 Cowboys and Crowns-- # 173  Brad n Sheri McWilliams 

JOEY Dresses -- # 176 Heather Lowery 

Kristie's Bows in Bloom--  #8 Meghan Kathleen Weber

N the Stitch--  #4 Danielle Khrino Scranage

Bugaboo Boutique-- # 89 Amber Jacobs

Wrap A new Skinny You-- #8 Christina Marie Reisch

Clingy Cord-- # 2 Nicole Klix- Keksz

Cutie Pie Bowtique--  # 44 Aimee Murad

Grace's Garden Flower Bowtique-- # 34 Erica Binx

Lucinda's Pretty Bitty Clips and Emporium -- 
#142 Kristen Gallardo

Curly Q Couture-- # 113 Gabby Guerra

Twinkle Blossoms-- # 148 Mary Ann Thompson

Rory Omnia-- # 11 Brandy Harris

Hairbands and Heaven Boutique-- # 7 Sasha Schroder

Sweet Snap Shots Model-- #9 Janet Killingsworth

Bowbiz Dog Bows-- # 3 Stephanie Flyte

Lemonade Couture # 69 Carol Smith

MOMMASBOWS-- # 4 Jaclyn Edolo

The Shop Around the Block--# 16 Kristena Stuart 

Bows Oh so Cute-- # 6 Mindy Reyes

Whimsical Occasions -- #7 Angie Sidel-Spenny

Sassy and Chic Cuties-- # 61 Nychole Ball

A la  Main Beauxtiuque~ Sister site -- #3 Dru Moran

Bowtique Bow's and Trendy Tutus made from the heart by Amy Graham-- #11
Sarah Fountain

The Geek Bowtique--  #12  Daliana Smith


  1. You will NOT be notified by email....I made a mistake in the heading.

  2. Dang it nothing again for me !!!